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Advanced FUE

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Our advanced FUE procedure is a clinically proven, permanent hair loss solution that provides natural results without stitches, staples, linear scarring and damage to existing hair.

THE RESULT? Precise, accurate graft dissection and placement so the procedure is virtually undetectable.

Patients can expect natural-looking results without the side effects and long recovery times typical of traditional procedures.

Top Reasons To Choose Hair 911 For Advanced FUE

Permanent & Natural Results

Minimally Invasive Procedure

No Visible Scaring or Stiches

Fast Recovery & No Downtime

Advanced Fue - NO Scar

FUE procedures, by default, yield grafts that contain mainly one, two, three, or four follicles called “follicular units.” Strips or linear harvests, are removed from the back of the scalp and are then microscopically dissected by a team into grafts of one, two or three follicles, would also yield similar ‘follicular-unit’ grafts.


Provided that in each case the grafts are implanted with care, artistry and precision into the recipient area, the final transplanted results with FUE would be similar, if not identical, to those accomplished with a linear harvest.


The difference is not in the area of hair growth, but how the donor area is harvested either by a strip of the scalp or by small individual graft extractions. Using the FUE Technique leaves no linear scar. Overall patient reviews have been impressive. In particular, patients are surprisingly pleased with the speed and efficiency of the FUE systems.

Are You A Good Candidate?

The best way to determine whether you are a candidate for hair transplant using our advanced follicular unit transplant device approaches is a one-on-one consultation with our doctor.


We do not do strip surgery harvesting at our hair restoration center. This option gives you a no-scalpel, no-stitch procedure with minimal downtime. After a consult, we can provide more on the cost of a hair transplant to restore your thinning hair.

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