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How do I prepare for my Hair Restoration Consult?


Your permanent hair restoration journey begins by scheduling a appointment where you will actually meet in person with Dr. Hardesty, a Diplomate and Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and his hair restoration specialists.
Plan upon spending approximately 1 hour with us. This consultation is your time to learn as much as you can about Dr. Hardesty and his team of hair restoration specialists, the practice, the “state of the art” automated follicular extraction/transplantation technology, the procedure, your options and fees.


Since our inception, here at Imagine Plastic Surgery/Hair911 we have always offered personalized and individual medical/surgical care. In contrast other centers or franchised hair transplant centers have compelling infomercials on radio/television about hair restoration.
You can rest assured we didn’t we don’t use high-pressured sales tactics in order to persuade prospective “clients” to come in for a “a sales consultation,” where you will often meet with a non-medical (sales) representative. These sales persons are usually non medically trained and have been taught to “sell” rather than educate and provide a medical consult.


In respect of your time, to be effective and efficient we will be sending you ask you to fill out some preliminary and necessary paperwork (see below the downloadable PDF).
Also please bring in several photos of how your hair was before hair loss.


Dr. Hardesty and his hair restoration staff will meet with in person and review your:
-Past medical history forms
-your goals
-what you have tried before
-your family history
-your pre hair loss photos

We will perform a examination of your scalp and photo document the areas your interest (scalp, eyebrows, facial hair and eyelashes, etc.)

Our findings will be included in your medical record including an accurate determination of your pattern of hair loss using the (Norwood or Ludwig) scales of male/female pattern baldness;

Based on your exam and photos Dr.Hardesty and hair restoration specialists will also be studying your hair density, your pattern of hair loss, your hairline, your facial features and what features need to be enhanced for a naturally permanent hair restoration.


Dr. Hardesty and hair restoration specialists will after reviewing your past medical history and examination of hair loss will present a plan how we will permanently reestablish your hair, how we will place different groupings of hairs in different patterns to best restore your hair loss.

We will take as much time as necessary time to discuss and for you to understand your options, the process, the hair restoration procedure, expected recovery and fees/costs.

From a future patient’s perspective, the consultation is your time to learn as much as you can about the doctor, the practice, “no incision/suture”, fast recovery recovery and hair restoration options.

The consultation time allows for a educational discussion about realistic and appropriate expectations in terms of the actual numbers of sessions and grafts required to achieve your hair restoration objectives.


The initial step in your hair restoration journey begins with scheduling an appointment and consultation with Dr. Hardesty and his hair restoration staff. We truly look forward to meet in person and discuss with your goals and options.

One Goal, Many Options

The most important factor to consider for your procedure or treatment is seeking the opinion and services of a skilled, experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who are experts in techniques. The Imagine Plastic Surgery team uniquely provides the full array of both non surgical and surgical alternatives thus filling our motto of “One Goal, Many Options.” For over 30 years Dr. Hardesty, an award winning, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has proudly been serving Riverside and San Bernardino counties of the Inland Empire and the communities of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland, Corona, Chino Hills and Redlands. For over 30 years Dr. Hardesty and the Staff of Imagine Plastic Surgery have provided comprehensive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery services and procedures to Riverside and San Bernardino counties of the Inland Empire and the communities of Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Upland, Corona, Chino Hills and Redlands.

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